Theater On Ice

“A Wickedly Wizard of Oz On Ice”

Last day to register is June 19, 2021

We want and encourage skaters in LEARN TO SKATE to take part in what will be a MEMORABLE PRODUCTION!  We welcome our HOCKEY PLAYERS to participate as well – there are roles for everyone!  This is a THEATRE ON ICE Production – like a play at school, but MORE FUN since it is ON THE ICE!  

Skaters of all levels and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to participate.  While your child will not be receiving formal skill instruction during the rehearsals, they will be practicing some of the skills they are learning in class. There is a place for everyone! The skaters take pride in their performances and the show itself is spectacular!

REGISTRATION: Registration will be online below this text, and cost $200 (includes PayPal transaction fee).  We are sorry, but we will be unable to offer refunds on registration fees. Skaters will be measured for costumes before and after the first rehearsal. Most Group Costumes are included in this fee. Some groups may be expected to provide some part or all of their costume, such as clothes they may already own (white shirts, black pants, church dress, etc). Solo/Duet skaters will need to purchase their more elaborate costumes, as needed.

AUDITIONS: An audition is not necessary to participate in the show!!

Each student will perform in (2-3) group skating numbers with students at their level or with skaters at their level and including more advanced skaters. These Group Numbers will be taught during (8) 1.5-2 hour TOI rehearsal sessions.

When registering, please provide us with a VALID email address that you check often. We send important information out via email. We may also provide information updates in the form of handouts at rehearsals. If you are able to volunteer, please let us know. We will need help with everything, such as costumes, props, backstage, and spotlights!

ATTENDANCE: It is critical that skaters attend every performance and rehearsal. Skaters who miss more than two practices will not be permitted to take part in the performances. Skaters should be prepared with skates on and hair pulled back at the beginning of each rehearsal. The group choreographer will take attendance in the first 5 minutes so please be on time.

If you have questions please contact:

To register completely, click the link below to our club entryeeze site and log in as a returning member, or create a new account as a guest skater.  If you have forgotten your password, please request a new one! Once logged in, please fill out the skater personal information and select TOI package on the Contract Ice tab.

Registration Fee $200.00 USD for a single skater and $145 for an additional family skater (additional family skaters will be refunded their discount amount of $55 after submitting registration fee).