3rd Annual Blues City Basics – February 22, 2015

A US Figure Skating In-House Basic Skills Competition


 -2015 Blues City Basics Announcement-
Enter Online Here

Sponsored by
The Figure Skating Club of Memphis

Chief Referee: Andrea Bippus
Competition Chairs: Carla Bressler, Nick Kraft, Christina Phipps

Entry Deadline: February 9, 2015

Secure online registration and credit card payment will be available at
The Figure Skating Club of Memphis website (www.fscmemphis.org).

Snowplow – Basic 8 / Free Skate 1-6 / Adult 1-6
Pre-Preliminary and Preliminary Test Track and Well Balanced
Showcase / Interpretive / Synchronized Skating / Theatre On Ice

Sanctioned by:
U.S. Figure Skating

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A Frozen Holiday Spectacular On Ice


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Membership for 2014-2015 now available!

Membership fees are paid annually and are valid from July 1 – June 30 each year. Please select a membership type pay for it online, or directly to the Club President (Carla Bressler) or Treasurer (Christina Phipps).  Before you pay, consider your goals for the next year.  Dues cannot be pro-rated, and you don’t want to pay for another type of membership later.  You must pay the full membership rate no matter when you apply for membership. We apologize for any inconvenience.

No skating experience is necessary! Membership is open to supporters and skaters of all ages and skill levels from beginner to advanced.

To participate in any group class at the MSIH or USFS sanctioned event, each skater must be a member of FSCM or another skating club.  Membership is valid from July 1 – June 30 each year.  Before you pay, consider your goals for the next year.  Membership dues are nonrefundable.  USFSA national dues paid for you on your behalf of the Club are not able to be pro-rated.  Therefore, you must pay the full membership rate no matter when you apply for membership. We apologize for any inconvenience.

There are three types of main memberships listed below, as well as an additional family membership.

  • Basic Skills Member – Skaters Basic 8 and below.  May participate in Basic Skills Competitions only.  No FSCM voting privileges.  Skaters below the Basic 8 level may join as full Child/Parent or Adult Member if desired in order to receive voting rights and a monthly subscription to Skating Magazine.  Skaters above Basic 8 MUST join as a full club member.
  • Full Member – Full membership for skaters over 18 years of age.  May participate in any competition and official USFS Test.  FSCM voting privileges.
  • Child & Parent Membership – Full membership for skaters under 18 years of age that are above Basic Skills level.  Two-person full membership covering both skating child and parent.  May participate in any competition and official USFS Test.  FSCM voting privileges for parent.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I believe I will pass Basic 8 sometime in the next year, if I haven’t already?
  • Do I plan on taking official USFS tests?
  • Would I like voting privileges within the FSCM?
  • Am I skating more than twice a week?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to consider the last two membership options.  If you are only skating once a week, perhaps stay a Basic Skills member for the next duration. If you’re not sure, just ask your coach.

Please select a membership type pay for it online, or directly to the Club President or Treasurer.  Class fees and ice passes are paid directly to the Mid-South Ice House.  Your enrollment or participation in classes is not complete without a paid membership for insurance purposes.

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Check out our Consignment Shop on our website!  If you are interested in selling an item, please email info@fscmemphis.org with a description, picture and your information.  Ten percent of each item sold is donated to the club.  You will receive a check once your item sells, minus your donation.  At this time, local pickup is offered between seller and buyer.

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Success of National Figure Skating Month Promises Bright Future

by Emma Crawford

Figure skating is a sport that is largely unrecognized unless the Olympics are occurring, but members of the skating community are trying to change that. National Skating Month, held during January of each year, should have a profound effect on the visibility of figure skating in 2012. The U.S. Figure Skating Association created the month-long celebration as an opportunity for local skating clubs, associations, and rinks to promote the exciting world of figure skating.

The event began in 2002 and has continued to grow and evolve each year since that time. The U.S. Figure Skating Association encouraged local organizations and groups to organize activities during National Skating Month so that members of the community can come see what figure skating is all about. Examples of activities included free skating lessons and skating games at rinks throughout the country. They also encouraged individual and local organizations to get the media involved in the celebration, which lead to increased coverage of the month long celebration.

Here locally in Memphis, there are plenty of opportunities to take up figure skating. The Figure Skating Club of Memphis offered great deals, games and lessons throughout January, helping to build local interest in the sport. Local clubs and rinks offer an alternative to a lazy afternoon in Memphis apartments and homes, instead promoting staying active through the fun of figure skating.

The idea has already had an impact on the amount of people interested in taking up figure skating, or learning how to ice skate in general. Skating rinks have certainly seen large amounts of people coming through their doors and being interested in learning how to skate. Individual organizations have also seen a small rise in the number of people interested in joining their groups, which means more long term viability and events for programs

Overall, National Skating Month was a great success in 2012 and hopefully into the future. More people being involved means higher revenues for skating rinks, more competitions within the community, and a greater interest from the population in being a spectator of the sport. The success of 2012 will hopefully continue to build the effect and visibility of National Skating Month in the coming years.


Emma Crawford is a recent graduate from Murray State University with a degree in Creative Writing.  Thank you, Emma, for your contribution!

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Freestyles Explained

Click here to learn more about a Freestyle session and it’s rules.  This session is for figure skaters that look to practice hard to better their skills and are at least at Basic 4 or in a private lesson.

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Help our skater win a $25,000 college fund!

Jif Peanut Butter held a contest for kids to come up with a creative sandwich, and one our own skaters, Logan G., 11, is one of the 10 finalists!  Congratulations, Logan!  If his concoction, the Chomp Burger, has the most votes – he will win a $25,000 college fund! All you have to enter to vote is your name, birthday and email address – that’s it!  It just takes a second and you can vote once a day!  Please spend just a second helping further his education – you can vote in the time it takes for you to log in to both your facebook and twitter accounts!  ;-)

Vote here: http://www.jif.com/promotions/most-creative-peanut-butter

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Bring your Test Book!

The last week of classes for this session begins tomorrow!  Be sure to bring your USFS Basic Skills Test Book tomorrow to class!  If you were in previous sessions, or you were here last week, you should have already received it – It’s the white book with the descriptions of all the various levels and gold skater silhouette stickers.  If you do you not have it, don’t fret!  Please speak with our Skating Director, Carla Bressler, before your scheduled class and we can get yours to you; if you forget it, you can always get it signed another day.

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Family Discounts offered for Group Lessons

You must register for classes at the rink to receive the Family Discount.

1st Skater enrolled  Full Price ($125)
2nd Skater enrolled  $10 discount ($115)
3rd Skater enrolled  $10 discount ($115)
4th and so on Skaters enrolled  $15 discount ($110)
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We’d like your FSCM photos!

Do you have any pictures of your days as a FSCM skater?  Practice sessions, competitions, or just hanging with your skating friends?  Please feel free to send them to us at info@fscmemphis.org and we will put them on our Picasa web album!  If you don’t have a scanner, you can bring them to Carla or Nick and we can scan it for you to post on our site!  Thank you!

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