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Register Now for 2021 Holiday Gala Recital

Please Complete the Form Below and Submit for EACH skater participating. Next purchase the package your skater(s) would like to participate in for the show: $40 solo, $20 Duet/Ensemble (each skater), and $10 each additional number per skater.

Show Date:

Tuesday, December 14th 6:15 pm at The Mid-South Ice House.

Tickets will be available online at

For questions, please contact: Amber Campbell at 901-832-2031 or; or Carla Bressler at 901-674-6878 or

Note: As this is a recital rather than a large TOI production and there are NO group numbers, all solos and/or duets/ensembles will be learned in private lessons with skaters paying/splitting the coaching fee and paying for the ice time during lesson. There will not be any rehearsals for this Theater On Ice Recital. All skaters must be dressed and ready to take the ice no later than 5:30pm on December 14th. Official Recital Email will go out to all skaters registered with more details.

Solo/Duet/Ensemble Skaters are responsible for own costumes and must have approved by Director and Costume Chair. 

The club does have limited quantities of costumes and accessories. Some club costumes are available for $20 rental fee.

Solo/Duet/Ensemble Skaters’ Music needs to be approved by Director prior to creating the program as to ensure song is still available and no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds length.

2021 Holiday Gala Registration